We are a group of journalists and experts, based in Iran and abroad, who have been covering Iran for the past 20 years.


We have monitored Iran’s vibrant politics, Iran’s unique diplomatic affairs and Iran’s emerging economy for the greatest news organisations.


We have covered almost all the stories. Elections, political struggles, diplomatic ups and downs, economic developments, oil explorations, information technology, pharmaceuticals and even social issues.



Unlike many English speaking websites which cover Iran from abroad, part of our group is actually in Tehran. Tehran is where all the buzz is and we gett the news right from the source.


So, we usually know before other people what’s going on in Iran.


And above all that, we understand Iran. Because when you cover a country for 20 years, aside knowing the country thoroughly, little by little you begin to sense it.


We journalists call this intuition a flair. Editorial flair if you like. Because of our experience and constant analysis, we are ahead of the curve, sensing the reality coming before it becomes reality.


We are eager to tell you all about Iran’s rapid developments. About it’s 175 billion dollar investment call by Iran’s Oil Minister, Bijan Namdar Zanganeh; about Iran’s over 500 billion dollar GDP; and, about it’s over 75 million people who seek to integrate with the world community after years of isolation.


Be one of the first ones to benefit from these paradigm shifts that will rapidly change how Iranians live, eat, buy and consume.

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