Product Features:

★ Top import professional 5 commercial running belt.

★ The secret design and processing, stable running statically, solid steel, aluminum alloy frame.

★ Eight point type independent suspension system, the impact on the human body absorption when running 40%.

★ 5 horse strong AC variable frequency motor with low noise, high quality, durable.

Recommended Usage:

★ Free from external weather in indoor aerobic exercise.

★ Treadmill in production can play a damping effect.

★ Weakening effect on the ankle and knee anti shock.

★ The treadmill has mileage, time, speed display, control the motion frequency and motion intensity can be better.

★ Let sport better exercise.

Recommend Level:★★★★★

Product Features:

★5-layer imported first-class professional commercial-used belt.
★Exquisite design and production,high stability and strong steel&alumium frame.
★Eight-point independent damping system,40% less shock to human body when running.
★5 horse AC motor,quiet and durable.

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