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Find Below Our Information  Services.

The Briefing.

When a story breaks we tell you in one or two sentences what is going on and then our experts and contributors explain to you very briefly why it all matters.


This service is updated whenever something important happens.


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A very short briefing about Iran's political, economic and diplomatic developments

The Monthly Insight.


To produce our Monthly Insight we go through lots of news. Actually we monitor Iran round the clock. But we only pick the issues that we believe matter to you most.


Then, we make sense of these issues by adding context and explaining why we believe they are important to your business.


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A very digested monthly newsletter about Iran's political, economic and diplomatic affairs

The Industry Watch.

To cover each industry we offer five services:

Industry Review

Our newsletter about the  important topics of the month gives you an insight about the developments.

The Briefing

our briefing service is a mix of the latest news followed by comments form experts in the field.


Our charts help you to adopt to the changes and paradigm shifts before anybody else.


We keep an eye on the regulations and if anything changes we keep you up-to-date.

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Be constantly informed about the latest tenders and projects.

*Tenders and Regulations sections will be accessible soon.

Order What You Want To Know.

If you need to know about a specific issue, don't hesitate to contact us. We can provide you with special reports, analyses and forecasts tailored to your needs.

To Know Iran, You Need To Know It's People, Too.

Read our monthly articles, analyses and reports about paradigm shifts in Iran. About a country so vibrant that almost every four years shocks the world during its elections.

In this section we will narrate the story of Iranian people.

Iran is going through a lot of cultural changes.

Did you know that until recently in almost every Iranian house that you entered you saw French Louis xvi style furniture. But, the trend suddenly changed and now every one is after modern Italian furniture. So, think twice if you think you know Iran.

The Cultural Journal

So, for example, a "Haj Agha" (Iranian businessman) usually doesn't wear expensive clothes or watches. Because they don't want to show their wealth. But they are the most influential people in Iran.

Our cultural journal will help you to better understand the Iranians. So, you will be able to better connect to them, get more intimate and make better deals.

Nooshafarin Movaffagh




Be Our Partner.

We are building strong relationships with major companies who are interested in Iran's market.


We would love to sit down with you and find ways of cooperation.


So, please don't hesitate to contact us., our main partner in Iran, can facilitate your business and help you to connect to thousands of Iranian companies.

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