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Iran Investment Room is your all-in-one toolbox for doing business with Iran.


Iran Investment Room is built specifically for knowledge sharing. With Iran Investment Room, you can stay informed on the latest news and trends, interact with your peers, and share your hard won experience and expertise.


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Register as an expert and let the Iranian and Foreign companies contact you and get your advice on Iran’s current affairs and economy.

You can tell other members about your expertise, fields of experience and help them have a better grasb about Iran.

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Business is all about connections and we all know that. Iran Invesetment Room helps you find peers and partners that are industry specific. Add them to your friend lists. Be in touch as you explore one the most vibrant but untouched economies.

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Write & Publish Articles or just Share Something

Your knowledge is what makes Iran Investment Room valuable. You can write and publish a status or a long article or you can publish just a few pictures about a trip that you had to Iran. You can even provide a link to an article or a webpage that you have found interesting. Your contribution counts. So share your wisdom and experience with other members.

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Q & A

Do you have a question about investing in Iran. Do you want to know about importing regulations? Ask a question and let other members answer them. Our Q & A system works very well. You can categorize your questions and you can search through them. So, as we move forward we build a vast database of the most important questions and answers about doing business in Iran.

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Do you want to rent a flat or house to foreign companies who work in Iran?

Are you an Iranian company who wants to attract foreign investment?

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We hope that you will have the best experience using Iran Investment Room. But, don’t forget. Iran Investment Room is as valuable as your contributions. So, share you valuable expertise and experience with other members.

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